Maintenance Manual »
The purpose of this Maintenance Manual is to furnish the maintenance personnel with all data required to maintain the DA 20 A1 KATANA airplane. It is comprised of a detailed description of systems, troubleshooting and correction, removal and installation, as well as maintenance information. This manual only contains information regarding tasks to be performed on the airplane itself, e.g. removal and installation of components.

912 Illustrated Parts Catalog »
Each section starts with an exploded view of the type 912 on the left side. In case that the respective section of the 914 engine differs from the 912 engine, then the 914 is depicted too. The corresponding heading and listing of the parts is on the right side and the following pages.

912 Installation Manual »
Before starting with the engine installation, read this Installation Manual carefully. The Manual will provide you with basic information on correct engine installation, a requirement for safe engine operation.

912 Maintenance Manual »
Before carrying out maintenance work on the engine, carefully read the Maintenance Manual. It provides you with basic information on safe operation of the engine.