What is required to fly the Diamond DA20 A1 Katana located in San Diego?
The Katana in San Diego is available through membership in the SaFlightClub. A safety briefing and one hour checkout is required.

What equipment does the Katana come equipped with?
A complete list of standard equipment is included in the "Equipment" page. A quick summary of standard equipment includes: Standard 6-pack, Nav/Comm radio, VOR/Localizer CDI, GPS, Transponder, ELT and standard engine gauges.

What additional equipment does Katana have?
The most significant addition to Katana is the Garmin 696, which is essentially the entire Multi-Function Display (MFD) portion of a modern glass cockpit. The unit is described in detail on the "Garmin 696" page. The most impressive features are a 7" LCD display, renowned Garmin moving map GPS, XM weather, terrain, IFR approach charts and airport diagrams with "safe taxi" technology (pinpoints your location on the field and guides your taxi path). A custom mounting bracket makes the G696 easy to position for best visibility.

273DA also has dual EGT gauges.

A Xaon XRX PCAS traffic avoidance system, and an additional Garmin or Kink Comm radio will be installed within the next month.

A Narco Nav122D, which includes a VOR/Localizer/Glide Slope/Marker Beacon will be installed within the next two months, which will allow for IFR training.

The DA20 is not IFR certified, so can not be flown in actual IMC conditions, but with the equipment described here, makes a very good low cost IFR training platform.